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    Ok maybe a stupid question for a POS device, but is there a program that will display the categories as folders on the main screen.

    I am coming from a WM5 device and was use to being able to store apps in different folders so when I hit Start and Programs I got a list of folders.

    I thought maybe Zlauncher would do it but I don't see how. I like the tabs but basically I want to have one main screen with all of the categories listed as folders (kind of like folders on the desktop) with the shortcuts or apps inside of them.

    Is this possible???
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    I see that Resco Explorer does something like what I want as it shows the categories as folders/icons. I was hoping there was a way to do this in Zlauncher since it seems to be more customizable.

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    Check out iSpin. It's free and organizes into folders.

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