I'm currently an Edge Wireless customer. Edge Wireless used to be owned by AT&T (before it became Cingular). They have a special arrangement where they use Cingular's network and vice versa. Edge is a pretty small company, mainly in parts of Northern California and Oregon. I live in Ukiah, CA, about an hour north of Santa Rosa CA (2 hours North of San Francisco).

About a year ago I went into a Cingular store and asked if I could buy cell service/phones from them. They asked me where I lived and when I told them, they said they couldn't sell to me because of an agreement with Edge Wireless.

I just found out that the new Treo 750W (which I'd like to buy) will be exclusive to Cingular for 6 months (this is according to an Edge Wireless spokesperson -I was told Edge Wireless won't get it until April of next year). I feel like I'm in a Catch-22. I don't want a Treo 650. I want something with more capabilities, like the 750W (which should be out in about a month).

I feel like I'm stuck between monopolistic practices here on the part of Cingular and Palm. Edge Wireless won't have a new Treo for another 7 months yet I'm not allowed to buy from Cingular? How weird!

What I'd like to know is, is there some way I can buy from Cingular and if I do will I incur extra charges since I'm not in their area but they share networks? Verizon, Sprint, and US Cellular don't have good coverage where I live, so Cingular/Edge Wireless is really the only option. The spokesperson for Edge said they are coming out with some HTC phones (no ideas as to which -I hear the Hermes is nice). Should I go that route instead? I'd really like to get a Treo but feel Palm-Cingular are conspiring against me.

Any ideas are appreciated. I wasn't sure what forum to post this in. If it's the wrong one, please move it.

Thank you.