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    somebody had the great idea to gift me a treo some months ago. its the old version, but it was new.
    I dont use it at all, only as a telefon, to send sms (messages) and for teh address book.
    But I think this is very stupid, to carry around such a big big telefon, which i dont use. I would like to challenge myself and use the option it (might) has.
    But I am so bad in those things.
    And i can also not walk in a shop here in Russia, where somebody has a clue about the functions. So i need to get the information on the net.
    Is there something like treo for dummies, os such thing?
    I have a mac and would at least be able to listen music on the treo and get the pix on the computer i made on the treo. and maybe check mails :-) !!!!!
    As much as i know my treo version has no bluetooth.... but i have a strange cable with i can connect to computer and power and telefon in the sametime, but it still does not make it happen, that i can download my pictures.
    where to start with this maschine???!!

    Poka poka,

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    hi Simona,

    Have a look through the forum, lots of good info in there.
    good place to start is:

    Also have a look at the wiki (work in progress)
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