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    with all this talk about a 750 coming to cingular soon im wondering if i should bu the 650 now since it is so cheap.

    here is some of my logic

    (1) there are allready several accessories for the 650 including the wifi sled
    which no other unit has

    (2) the 750 wont be as cheap

    (3) from what i understand the only difference is lack of an antenna and more memory

    (4) i would only want to buy a palm based version and if cingular released the 750 they might release the windows version first
    and removing the 650 from the site at the same time leaving me to wait possibly another six months for the palm version
    i dont want to get stuck with windows

    if some one can advise on their thoughts on this situation i would appreciate it

    i know everyone is Gung Ho for the new gsm treo but i dont see the real benifit other than more memory and being able to tell my wife's and my phones apart being that it has the same camera no wifi and same garnet
    Am i missing something guys?
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    Actually IMO the 650 will drop as much in value (depreciate) in the next year as the 700p.

    But if you don't think you need faster speed than by all means go for the 650.

    I brought 650 and 700p both because I got deals than were too good to pass. Had I not gotten those deals I would have stayed with the older model.

    And after owning the 700p for a month. You know what I never used SprintTV so really it's not a big deal.

    Oh the 650 should drop a bit more once the new models are announced.

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