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    the quarter in the shopping cart thing is not just in canada, i live in new jersey and we have those too over here.
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    I don't have or need a data plan!!! I do have unlimited Text/Pic/Vid messaging. I am still able to receive pushed email. I'm also able to send email. Both using the builtin messaging app.

    I used it as a modem a few times but it was painfully slow.

    I used to carry a phone and a palm separately since 2000. Having a Treo made my pockets a lot lighter. If you are a Palm power user like me, the Treo w/o a data plan is still worth having.
    Palm IIIxe > Palm Vx > Tungsten T|3 > Unlocked Cingular Treo 650 on T-Mo

    Favorite Apps: zLauncher (To run apps from SD card), Butler (MUST HAVE), Pocket Quicken, TCPMP, Profiles (Smarter than the Silent Mode switch on the top), MiniTones (to assign Mp3 Ringtones), SplashID, pTunes, VoicePad & NotePad (from a Lifedrive), HS Extension 2.0 Hack, TreoNaviText.
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