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    Hello Treo folks,

    I'm a first time poster, and thought I would come to the experts for some advice...

    I'm a longtime pocket pc user. I've been using Dells and I'm currently using a Dell X51V. I'm in a position to unload it right now, and make a switch to an all-in-one. I've really grown tired of having to carry both a phone and a ppc.

    The Treo has always looked interesting to me, and I was really excited when I heard they would be coming out with the Windows 05 model. However, recent research informed me that the current model is not usable for my needs. I need an unlocked or unlockable GSM model, as I'm currently living down in Mexico.

    Any word on when they might release a GSM version of the 700w? Barring that, what would you guys recommend? I know the 650 is compatible with systems down here, not sure about the 700p, or if it can be unlocked. Do either of those models come with an SD slot? Having enough memory available is a concern I have. Is it possible to use a wifi card with them? I really like the convenience of being able to tap into the internet at hotspots.

    I'm a ppc guy, and part of my concern is losing the programs that I am able to run on the ppc. That being said, a recent conversation with a buddy of mine makes me a little less concerned with that. Has any of you made the switch from ppc to palm? How painless was it for you?

    Thanks in advance for any advice you might give.

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    Thanks for all the help. Adios TreoCentral.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ezekial View Post
    Thanks for all the help. Adios TreoCentral.
    A simple bump asking for help might have worked wonders. I would have probably aided in your decision to switch, but seeing as how you're already gone, I don't think I'll waste my time.

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