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    I am considering purchasing a treo 700 but I have noticed that some say "700p" and "700w" and just wanted to know what the differences were and actually what the p and w meant. I also saw where there was a 750 either coming out or already out and if that would be a better choice.
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    700w=windows mobile
    750=Cingular version of 700w with more memory.
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    P is for palm based software & W is for windose, pick your poison and enjoy...The new 750 is to be announced on the 12th of September,but only for Cingular and europe. check with your carrier to see what they have available
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    I just talked to another Cingular Rep here in Norhtern Ca and she told me that they will have them in house in December. Still could not get a date or type from them but as "whatever7" posted, it looks like it will be the 750!
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    Chris Luce

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