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    This is my first treo and little by little i am getting all the new software and learning how to use everything. Right now i am up to the chapter on TCPMP, i have downloaded the file and added the plugins in which i think i need. What are u guys mainly using this program for?

    I sent myself a .mov clip that i took with my digital camera and it says :
    error: player:video codec (m4s2) not supported
    also tried playing a video that i took with my phone and that also gives me another error
    audio codec
    (qualcomm qcelp) not supported by the player
    mpeg-4 video not supported

    i made tons of ringers that are on my phone but i cant find them to place them on this player, aac format

    when u go to open file u have two folders:
    mem or slot 2

    the ringers are not on the memory card obviously
    but when i click on mem folder

    all i see are the two mp3 files that came with phone

    getting started and original

    how do i access all the acc files that are on my phone (ringers)?

    thanks in advance guys
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    Can't give you any advice about Tcpmp since I have yet to start using this app, but my guess is that Tcpmp does not have support for acc files if it cannot find the files listed in either the phone or your SD card.

    To access your acc files, you may want to download a program called Filez - a file management utility and it sees everything.

    I could be wrong, but regarding ringtone formats that are currently supported, I would believe that your flavors would be AMR, WAV & MP3. If you have the ability to convert your tones to one of these three formats (unless someone else can list another acceptable format, or can provide a workaround with ACC files), then this will be your best bet at getting use of these files as ringers.

    Good luck.

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