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    I am new to this and have been frustrated by verizon's inability to help. I set up wireless sync to push my messages from my yahoo account to my treo 700p. My yahoo account filters spam to a separate folder, but on my phone, all messages go into my inbox. So, in order to see my legitimate messages, I have to wade through an endless amount of loan offers, surveys and viagra crap. Verizon says there is nothing that can be done. Please, someone, tell me that is not true - and give me some guidance on how to fix it - because all this spam is making me HATE my new phone.
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    A search will help you find a more detailed solution.

    One option is to setup Outlook or Evolution (as the case may be) to sync with your yahoo mailbox. You can use filters in those clients to get rid of whatever it is you don't want and sync your Treo to that. In Windows, InboxToGo is a good option for the Treo. You'll have to Google for a Linux solution, I'm not familiar with one.

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