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    I want to upgrade my Treo 600. The 700p seems fine, but I hate to get into a new Treo I will keep for many years and then something better comes out.

    Is there any talk of another evolution of the Treo after 700 coming anytime?
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    What provider are you with? Sprint, Verizon, Cingular, T-Mobile etc?
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    Chris Luce
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    You really only have two options: Just get what is out now, or never get a new phone because there will always be new models coming out. 700p and 700w are out now - supposedly there is a 700wx that is coming out very soon.

    Later in this year (rumored) are two other Treos named the Treo Nitro and Treo Lennon (Which I think was being called the Hollywood at one point).
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    I agree with the suggestion to buy now. I am still happy with my 650 in spite of the 700 series and it serves me well. Now the upcoming Sept. 12 GSM Treo . . .

    The upcoming phones have been discussed endlessly here and an inquisitive searcher need not look over the fence at MTDN.

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