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    My Treo 650 is BEAT UP so I was going to make a claim and say it was lost. Will I still have service to the "lost" cell phone until my new phone arrives? If so, should I not use the phone at all b/c it's suppossed to be lost? Will they catch on... Thx for your help!
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    Hmmm, and it's a wonder why ins rates go up all the time.

    I would not use the phone. What if they decide to call the number and ask for "YOU" and you say "YES" this is me......OOPS, just hung yourself!!
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    Chris Luce
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    Did you ever find something you thought you lost? I do all the time...
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    Actually, I don't tend to loose things. i'm not saying I have never lost anything. What does that have to do with your question??
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    Chris Luce
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    Zelgo, Have you ever used the replacement policy? If I use another choice that you mention won't they want me to bring the phone in to have a tech look at it? Just trying to figure out how I could still hang on to the old phone. Also, any idea how long it will take to get a new phone?
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    I have used the Ins once on a Motorola V600 through AT&T. Actually, it was a company that AT&T used. I called them up and let them know what was wrong with the phone and for ($35.00 added to my bill) they would send me a phone out overnight or next day. Yes, you got to keep the old one at the time.

    With Cingular, I had to call them and tell them what was wrong with the Cingular 8125. They were not able to solve the issue with it so they sent me out a new on (under the warrenty) and I had to send the old one back. I hope this helps.
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    Chris Luce
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    Thx for the info. I've had the treo 650 replaced under warranty about a year ago. It's so beat up again I was hoping to get some use out of the ins i've been carrying for 2 yrs. I figured they owe me a new phone! I don't plan on getting a new treo until a new model comes out. The 700 is too similar to the 650 for me to switch.
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    I hear ya. I went from the Blackberry, to the Treo 650 to the Cingular 8125 and back to the Treo 650. The 650 has been awesome for me. I have been waiting for the 700P for quite some time now and I just found out a few weeks back from a Cingular Rep that they are going to be carring the 700W. I have some real soul searching to do. I did not like the 8125 and thats why I went back to the 650. Oh well!
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    Chris Luce
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    Good to know... I've had thoughts of swithcing to Sprints version of the 8125 but have been reluctant. Too big or did you not like the windows based os?
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    You know, if you're that hard on phones maybe you should consider buying a skin case. They're a lot cheaper than paying $50 every year or so to commit insurance fraud.
    Bob Meyer
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    Well, when I first got the phone it was running the older ROM. Since I use GoodLink all the time it was fine. Cingular & HTC released a new updated ROM and then when I installed GoodLink back on there, if I ever had a freeze on the phone I would have to restart the phone and it would hand on the splash screen. I would then take out the battery and it would hand again. I thought something was wrong with the phone so I called Cingular Support. They were not able to fix so they sent me a new one. It came with the new ROM which I did not realize until I installed GoodLink again, same result a freeze on the splash screen.

    I then called HTC and asked if I could get a link to download the OLD ROM, they said they had an agreement with Cingular to not offer it to anyone, only the new on was available. I did some searching on the web and found and downloaded the old ROM. Installed Goodlink again and it was fine.

    The only issue is that the new ROM has a lot of fixes that we were all waiting for which reoslved some issues etc but did not work with GoodLink. HTC already knew this but would not be resolving this issue until a new ROM was released. Anyway, if you do not have to run GoodLink, the new ROM is awesome on that phone with the push technology everyone loves for Pocket Outlook. I still think the Treo is MUCH MUCH better phone that the 8125.
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    Chris Luce
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    I'm surprised no one has really flamed you yet. What you arev suggesting is fraud. Fraud is illegal. Not only that, but it raises the price for everyone else. If you were stupid enough to bang up you phone really badly, then that's your problem, don't make it everyone elses. Just buy a new housing or something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zelgo View Post
    Is it really fraud?

    When the Sprint people sold me insurance, they said, "It doesn't matter what happens to your phone, we will replace it, no questions asked!"

    Who says the phone has to be completely un-usable? Who defines "un-usable"?

    If Sprint uses that phrase to sell insurance, it's completely acceptable to use the insurance this way!
    I'm sure Sprint is the one that defines "un-usable". Read the TOS. If the phone is still functioning, then it's usable. The insurance is meant for situations like theft, loss, damage that reduces functionalty, or hardware failure. The OP's phone is still functional, just very beat up looking (or so he says). Insurance isn't meant for situations where the person was unable to take proper care of their $700 phone. If it was covered, then he wouldn't have to lie and tell them that he lost it, he could just tell the truth. I'm pretty sure this is fraud...
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    Your car is all beat up because you don't take care of it. You don't like it anymore. Drive it into the river. Call insurance company. "Someone stole my car!" Insurance covers your loss. Is this fraud? Yes it IS! Does it cost us all in the long run? Yes it does! What is this world coming to?
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    Tell them why you want a replacement. If you can't do that, then ask yourself why. It's unbelievable the excuses some people will make to justify their theft.
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    Just because Sprint said they'll replace it if anything happens, doesn't mean that's how it works. There are terms and conditions that you can read before and after signing up for insurance. If you don't agree with them, cancel the insurace and self insure your phone.
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    Think about what you are saying. Why would Sprint lie about what the insurance covers when they already have the ability to define what the insurance covers? Your logic makes no sense. Sprint does not start the deception with their sales practices, you do with your poor consumer skills. If you are going to sign one or two years of your life away to a company and pay them for it, you'd better be aware about what exactly you are getting in return...

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    I've never been told it covers everything. They'll say they'll replace it with if I drop it in the pot, break it, it's lost or stolen, but never have I heard them say if it gets scuffed up. But, that's with me asking.
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    The ToS encompasses the entire plan, and if you're the kind of person who thinks $100+ a month for two years is nothing, then I bow before your monetary status.

    Do you always listen to everything salespeople say? Part of shopping for a contract is playing the game, if something sounds off (like the mentioned sales tactic), then it probably is... I was under the impression that most people knew this?

    Back to the topic at hand, it would save the OP a lot of time and energy to just buy a housing from PerformancePDA. Because regardless of whatever moral justification he may have, the fact is that it's still fraud by definition.

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