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    Perhaps a Sticky with this features rundown...?
    Thank You!
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    Quote Originally Posted by rockky View Post
    Perhaps a Sticky with this features rundown...?
    Thank You!
    Correct all your typos before you ask sticky.
    Treo 750 unbranded T-mobile, HTC WIZARD 8125 T-MOBILE (broken), Treo 650 T-mobile 1.43/1.14 OS 5.4.8 Garnet (sold).
    Dell X50v, X30 624Mhz and HP ipaq h2210 h1945.

    Treo 750 hacks thread.
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    I'm sorry,
    What were you wanting to compare?
    Just call me Berd.
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    I think what Rockky was asking for was a response that gave a brief synopsis of the upcoming Treo 700wx and 750 and contrast them with the current Treo 700P and 700w. I know I for one am a bit in the dark about exactly what is different b/t the wx and w other than the increased memory and the carrier. I went from the 600 to 650 to now 700P and am pretty bummed with the poor performance of the 700p compared to my 600/650 considering all of the hype, high price and mostly positive upgrades on many areas such as memory. I am contemplating ditching it for one of the new Treos and would like to know more about what makes the 700wx so much better than the Treo700w other than the memory upgrade (which is quite significant I realize). Furthermore, the Cingular Treo 750 is intriguing as well--but again what makes it so different other than the fact its GSM and runs on Cingular's high speed network. I have been reading all the appropriate threads---"700P vs 700wx", etc, but still not seeing anything succinct. A short synopsis comparing the 4 models may help new users to the site looking to sort through the sudden (but welcome) proliferation of treos.
    thanks all in advance,
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    Thanks Doc, I for one would also find it usefull, waiting while my 600 dies slowly and thinking should I wait or just get a 650 cingular, because there will not be that big a difference
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    big difference is the OS - Windows Mobile 5 vs. Palm OS.

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