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    Not sure if anyone posted or noticed yet but here is a good review of PalmSource's new Access Linux Platform:

    Looks very promising, and seems to be comming along very well!

    What sucks is that I was at LinuxWorld and didn't swing by their booth (Went to their booth in Boston and was very disapointed, should have given them a second chance.. doh!). Spent more time at the Trolltech booth looking at their developers Green Phone.
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    I read that piece, I like what I hear about the backward competibility. Hopefully they will make it as smooth as the OS9/classic layer.

    Can this favorite of Linux give prority to certain programs? Like can you let the phone app over ride all other programs? Is this done in hardware in PalmOS right now? Sorry if it's a dumb question.
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    wow.... at least we see light at the end of tunnel. Just bought SE M600i but somehow i still miss the OS part of my Treo. The snappiness, unlock memory when exit program, and I really miss my agendus pro and chatter email. With this APL, i would think we would see ''thin' and sexy APL phone that all our favorite Palm OS programs can be plugged in.
    Need WIFI, 3.5G, slim and light form factor for Treo to win me back from Samsung i600 !!!!!

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