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    Guys, is there some big online marketplace where I can find a locked/unlocked Treo at low price (Cingular or other GSM)? I know eBay but would prefer a fixed price. I know Craigslist, but is it the biggest marketplace where I can search?
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    You say "marketplace"

    Here in the local newspaper, for the first time, new Unlocked Treo 650s (yes plural) are advertised for Rs. 16,990/- and a 200/- processing and handling charge. Offer valid for today only. Available in 6 easy monthly instalments.

    (INR 16990/- = USD 365.729 and INR 200/- = USD 4.30561 according to

    New Treo 650s cost Rs. 36,500/- (USD 785.391) after taxes etc.

    Maybe I should by a stand-by Treo...
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    I do not need so many!!!!! Just one piece would be good to have spare parts in case my own Treo will brake one day or something else. I looked thru Craigslist and seems like it is possible to get one for $200 - $270, not bad actually. Most sellers however stick to local deals only, well I hope it wont be a problem to discuss an international shipment.

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