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    An easy one for you guys but one that has me perplexed....

    It seems one of the biggest complaints is surounding the memory of the treo 700w.

    But they sell extra memory cards up to 2 GB, so does this not solve the problem? I am unclear on why it would not.
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    No. Not the same memory. You can think of the 2GB card as 'harddrive'.
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    ok thanks, i decided to wait a few months to see what pans out with the new treos.
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    Quote Originally Posted by whatever7
    No. Not the same memory. You can think of the 2GB card as 'harddrive'.
    Eh? I would've thought the internal flash would be analogous to a hard drive. It would seem, to me at least, that the 2GB card could be considered a really, really slow thumbdrive...

    Nonetheless an SD card is not the perfect replacement for a lack of internal memory. Almost anything you put on an SD card must be loaded into internal memory to be accessed from the device. Accessing data on an SD card is exponentially slower than accessing data in the internal memory.

    I haven't done research on it, but I'm sure someone else here knows; The SDIO stack implementation in the Treo does not support DMA, which makes it even slower.

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