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    Hi All,

    Im the product development manager for a company called Gist Communications. Weve developed a mobile application, called UGuide, that enables users to view TV program guides, get personalized recommendations and remotely schedule TV program recordings on their Windows Media Center PVRs.
    This is the link:

    The current version is available for Treo. It has been tested on Treo 600 and 650, and should work on Treo 700.

    We are very interested in getting Beta testers for our product, and I was wondering if members of this group would be willing to test/review the UGuide and possibly discuss it here, recommend it to friends, etc. Our goal is to get feedback to improve the product.

    If anyone is interested in learning more about the UGuide, visit our website at

    Thanks for your time. I hope some of you are interested in taking a look at the UGuide.

    Steve Vardy
    Product Development Manager
    Gist Communications, Inc.
    84 Wooster Street
    New York, NY 10012
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    Sounds very cool. I wish I had the PC/PVR set-up to be able to use this.
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    I just installed it and so far it runs well.

    A couple of observations:
    1. I can use the 5-way rocker to cruise around TV grid (great!). But the TV grid doesn't take the stylus (or my thumb). Will it be enhanced to take the touchscreen actions in the grid?
    2. My situation may be unique but I have both CABLE and SATELLITE at home. I'm not sure if it will be possible to have profiles so that I can switch back and forth between cable and satellite channels.

    Again, it's great (and it's free!)
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    1 (nitpick). would be nice on the registration screen if it was set to recognize numbers right away rather than having to hit option twice before entering the phone number.

    2. When setting up favorite channels, I think you should show all the channels on one screen, rather than different screens for Basic/Extended/Premium (this is for Comcast). It threw me at first because I first thought a bunch of channels were missing

    3. I first entered that I didn't want to see PPV listed. After entering favorites there was another screen asking if I wanted to include PPV in favorites...seems redundant but maybe not.

    4. Would be nice if you could set the preferred start time for the grid. For example, typically I'm only interested in looking at the grid from 8PM onwards, so if it's not 8PM currently, I need to navigate to the right in order to get to it.

    That's it for now.

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    Wow, these are great responses. I want to thank all of you very much. I will note the suggestions down and would get the Tech team to help me answer some of the questions tomorrow.

    I would like to ask a favor from all of you to forward this invitation to your friends/family who might be able to use UGuide too. (Actually forwarding the sms/email would work as well).

    And if possible, please post your suggestion/feedback/problem to

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    I was just trying to register and I am getting an error:

    There is a problem!

    You may have entered your mobile phone number incorrectly.

    Please re-enter your 10-digit mobile phone number, including your Area Code.


    I have entered the phone number including the area CODE 5 times and keep getting this error.
    Thank You,
    Chris Luce
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    I will look into your problem with the tech team tomorrow morning. We have been experiencing a number of server problems today and it might cause the problem you saw.

    Sorry for the trouble.
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    Dear all users,

    Our server experienced sporadic outages in the past 2 days, so we apologize for any inconvenience if you encountered timeout/no-data issues. The problem should be solved by now.

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    Is there any particular reason why the Cartoon Network is excluded from my list of Extended channels? gistqateam
    - I just sent you a PM with my details to help you search the info I'm seeing.
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    Well, I just found it, but it's showing up as channel 414 rather than channel 90. Interesting.
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    I just did a recommended look up and it seems to list shows alphabetically per my preference, but It ends at "C". I've tried thumbing down with the D-pad but nothing more is displayed in this box and there's no scroll bar in the box, however, I have to believe there are more than 5 recommended shows per my preferences. Anyone else seeing this?
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    Is there a way to specify favorties? If there are shows that we like, can we specify them either on the Treo or through a web interface via PC so we can set reminders on shows to watch out for? Also would be good if there was a way to notify on new airings only, reruns, or all episodes.
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    Last question for the day - Any chance of seeing Beyond TV support for this thing?
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    Okay, I lied, here's the last question for the day - any chance of incorporating a disconnect on logout feature. Even though I have an unlimited data plan, I'd like to save some battery life while I have my Treo unconnected to an external power source, or save myself the trouble of disconnecting myself.
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    These are great questions/suggestions. I will provide a response shortly. Thank you.

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    Some of the questions you asked have already been answered via PM/email to you. But for the benefit of other users, I am going to post them here as well.

    Here are the responses from us:

    Channel Problem
    You might have setup a wrong lineup in your settings because I tried your zipcode and the cable provider, I saw TOON in ch 90.
    In order to make sure you have the right lineup, please start UGuide and follow these steps:
    1. Go to Homepage --> Settings --> Service Provider
    2. In "Edit TV Service", select "cable", click Done
    3. In "Edit TV Provider", select "Cox Communications...", click Done
    4. In "Edit Channel Lineup", select one of Default, Cable Ready, or Digital, click Done
    5. In "Edit Channel Levels", select the appropriate channel level(s), click Done
    6. In "Edit Pay-Per-View", select Yes/No, click Done
    7. You should be all-set
    If you still see the problem, please let me know

    Number of recommended shows
    Our recommendation engine recommends more than 5 shows but only display 5 at a time. This does not mean the number is final. We welcome your suggestion.

    Specify favorite shows for reminders
    The suggestions you gave are on our list of features for future release. We will update you once they become available.

    BeyondTV Support
    BeyondTV is on our roadmap for development. We will update you when it becomes available.

    Disconnect on Logout?
    This feature is very phone dependent. UGuide only uses the connection when a user requests a function (such as looking at tv grid, etc). Once the function is completed, the application does not make any data call anymore. And after the user logs out of the application, UGuide does not use the connection anymore.
    But in some phones like treo, your suggestion makes sense. We will note this down.

    Thank you. Please let me know if you have anymore questions.

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    Dear all users.

    Can you please share your experience installing/using UGuide on your 700p or 700w? Please email me at

    Thank you.

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    I've created an account on your forums and updated some issues there. Be sure to check it out. I explained the recommendation feature a little better with a visual aid.
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    Thanks for your help. I saw it too, it's a great suggestion.

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    Do you have a version the works on the Verizon 700p yet?

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