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    [Cross-Post from HoFo, Sorry .. Don't know best site.]
    I currently have TMo GSM voice + data with a Treo 600. I *love* the combination, it lets me travel to Europe not dragging along a laptop, yet still keep in touch, both on the web and with email.

    But the Treo is starting to die, and TMo no longer supports Treos. They suggested I could look at unlocked GSM phones, although they'd be delighted to give me new activation prices on their current phones if I'd prefer. I definitely want to stay with TMo, they've been a joy to work with support-wise.

    HOWEVER: I'm starting to be concerned that PalmSource, i.e. PalmOS, is failing. Its bad enough that the PalmOne hardware keeps lagging other phones (No WiFi, Poor Bluetooth profiles, Silly Camera), but the transition to WinMob5 seems to point out that PalmOne can no longer allow PalmSource to keep them behind. At least that's what it seems from here.

    So I thought I'd ask folks here: Does it make any sense to hope for a modern, quality Palm Based GSM Treo soon? I've sent for Symbian User's Guides to see if its good enough (I *really* don't want to use Windows).

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    Depends on what exactly you want.

    You say you want a "modern" PalmOS GSM Treo. What do you define as modern? If you define modern as in keeping up with the latest hardware and software Trends, then you're probably not gonna get one IMO. Palm isn't going to make a PalmOS treo with wifi and better BT anytime, and the camera still hasn't improved much. The 700 series got to 1.3 MP, but some say the quality is still a bit mediocre compared to other 1.3MP phones, and there's no flash.

    The next PalmOS GSM Treo coming out is the Nitro I believe. It'll come out for Cingular. If you look in the Future Treo's board, you'll find some threads on it. So far, it looks like a 650 with no antenna, more memory, and an updated PalmOS 5. If you want modern as in recently released, then this should work for you.

    Personally, I think if you want the better technology and hardware specs, you'll need to jump ship. PalmOS is great, but it's hardware functionality on Treo's is limiting.
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    POS is dead
    from its ashes ALP might rise.
    Then again, while watching this movie and until its done, it would make sense to be using Symbian or WM5
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    With ALP looking more real (they recently announced a co-development deal with Orange in Europe, a long-time Palm Treo supporter, and will be showing of working ALP demonstrations) it is starting to look a whole lot more like Palm's future.

    Having said that, if they release a Garnet GSM Treo in one month, they are not going to be releasing ANOTHER GSM Treo for another 12 months at least, are they?

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    Good point Trevante -- by "modern" I mean the high-end bells & whistles one sees on the high-end Nokia phones, for example. It is a bit vague a notion, but WiFi, BT 2.0, Serious Music player or Serious Camera. Honestly, I don't mind my our old fashioned Treos, because for all their plainness, they are as comfortable as an old sofa!

    Basically, I'm just very, very concerned that PalmOne will have to go with WinMob5 and drop PalmOS/ALP. Its sad, but no fighting marketing, right?!

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