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    I have always wondered about this.

    I have a Treo 600. Whenever I put it close to a speaker, when it's just on voice, my speaker would buzz every 10 minutes or so. But when I surf the internet using GPRS, ie on data, it would buzz more frequently, like every 10 seconds or so. It always scares me. So, i limit my data usage just in case it DOES have adverse effects on me. And anyway, I don't have unlimited data, and GPRS is so expensive, so, i don't feel i'm missing out on anything. But with the new treos coming, like lennon with 3G and all, I'm thinking of getting unlimited data. And once u have unlimited data, it would be a waste if you don't go for always-on-data and use cool apps which take advantage of it like chatter, verichat, shoutcast etc

    so, what are your experiences/ opinions on this, especially those who use always-on-data and apps like chatter, verichat and shoutcast?

    Actually, come to think of it, is it even normal to have this buzzing sound at the speaker when you put treo close to it? Because my old nokia never had this problem. Because I dropped my Treo once in the water, and i'm afraid that could have damaged the phone in terms of radiation screening or something
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    I believe this is just something that happens with GSM phones. The radio in the phone causes intereference with certain electronic devices, especially speakers. I don't think there are any adverse effects, other than the annoying buzzing noise. It's not limited to Treo's either, most, if not all GSM phones do this.
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    Yes, i am using GSM. Didn't know only GSM phones have this problem. So, it's not dangerous then?
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    I do not think it is dangerous, more like annoying.
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    Everytime you hear the interference the radio is broadcasting. Are those radio waves dangerous? The concensus of scientific opinion is no, but there are dissenters, and all the evidence may not be in. The GSM Treo does have a very high SAR rating, though.

    My personal opinion: The very brief signal generated as the radio "checks in" is probably inconsequential compared to holding the phone next to your head for a 30 minute phone call, with the radio broadcasting constantly.
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