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    I'm getting ready to take my first trip on Southwest later this week. I haven't had any problems at all with my Treo on Continental (my usual carrier) fact, most of the flight attendants seem impressed when they see me watching a movie using TCPMP). But I was reading up on Southwest's policies and saw this:

    Guidelines for permissible devices: any transmission using personal communications devices (including cell phones in GAME or AIRPLANE mode) is prohibited once the forward-entry door is closed. Flight Attendants will advise Customers when the doors are closed. All devices must be properly stowed while their operation is prohibited.
    I searched the forums, and saw that Southwest is usually pretty bad about this...but all of the threads were older than a year.

    So has anything changed, or should I plan on bringing my portable DVD player if I want to watch a movie? I find it odd that they allow you to use a GPS in flight, but not a pda phone with the wireless mode disabled.
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    I have no personal experience watching a movie on my Treo on a SW flight, but I have used it for other purposes in full view of airline personnel with the wireless mode disabled with no problem. Given the new rules about carry ons, you might get more hassle with a portable dvd player at the security check in point than on the plane using your Treo. I don't KNOW that the DVD player would cause a hassle. Just speculation.
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    That's what I'm thinking. I think I'm going to have to take the DVD player anyways (driving for 3 hours, plus the two and a half hour return flight with my wife and kids), so I think I may be better off with it.

    I wasn't planning on checking anything, but with these new restrictions, I'll obviously have to. But I don't know how good of an idea it will be to check the DVD player, consiering how I see most luggage handled when being loaded/unloaded. So I may just carry on the DVD player and not hassle with the Treo.


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