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    I have the Navigator Plug and Play (not bluetooth) 5 for my Treo 650.

    Is anyone familiar. My problem have lost the SD card. According to Tomtom the disc in the box has all the back-up information I need and as I have a 1gb sd card with plenty of space want to download all the navigator stuff onto the sd card.

    How? I just cannot work out what and how. the files are not palm files and it doesn't seem to like them.

    HELP! I have a very pretty but useless car phone holder at the minute.
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    Pop in the TomTom cds and re-install. It'll line up the app and the maps to sync next time you sync your phone. Done and done.
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    There is a lot of Tomtom Navigator 5 information in prior posts. Post 3 of the following thread provides usefull installation information:
    You can also search on Tomtom for further information.
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    that sounds good. will try that first. Thank you.

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