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    I have been reading both threads, it seems to me that people with p model experience more problems with it then people with w model. correct me if i am wrong about this. i want to get one, but i am still confused on whitch is better, 700p or 700w.
    the had a review or w on cnet, but not p. kind of sucks, would love to hear an unbiest opinion about those two models.
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    I have both and frankly it is mostly a matter of personal choice. The 700p has been very stable for me once I got it set up. The 700w took a bit longer.

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    Ben...which one are you using the most?
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    The 700p is used the most due mainly to my liking of the POS and the number of programs I have. I thought the Windoz interface would be nice to work I have said in a couple of posts, it is really a matter of preferences. I have tried to make due with the Windoz default programs and have not had a whole lot of success.

    I do not do any multi-tasking to speak of, so I do not tax it as much as others do. I do have a preference for the Palm OS; it is simple to use and works. Ben
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    I could never use a WM device... taxi withdrawal...

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    yeah i am leaning toward palm myself, i do like all the pretty colors of the windows, but i used to had an old palm pilot, and i liked it a lot.
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    Personal preference and the fear I will over tax the 700w. However, reading about double the memory on the next release, well....Ben

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