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    Quote Originally Posted by Tastypeppers
    It sat in the car for two whole days, all by itself. Lonely little Treo.

    As soon as we got back into coverage (back on the flats of the San Joaquin Valley) on Sunday afternoon my kids were on the phone. My 9-year old LOVES my Treo and grabs it every time she can.
    Poor thing.

    My kids like using my bt headset and talking on the phone...
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    What's that funny saying about football and wives getting neglected? Same is true for the Treo! For a whole year when I first got my Treo, I would pull out my Treo from force of habit everywhere I went...the restaurant, movie theater, in the car, etc. The wife of course would get uptight and start yelling at me...politely of course! In February this year, I gave her my old Treo 650 since I got myself the 700p, and now she is nearly demon-possessed with the Treo herself! She's now an email and text message fiend! Nowadays, while waiting at the restaurant, we play bowling together on the's that for quality time together?!? She has now beaten me at bowling and achieved all the high scores! Makes me fuming mad! Girls aren't supposed to be better than guys at playing games! :-)))) The funny thing is that she bowled nearly all gutter balls while playing *real* bowling for the first time in her life recently. She thought real bowling is as easy as playing on the Treo! Boy was she in for a ruid awakening! Hyuck, hyuck!!
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