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What the hell are you complaining about?

All you antenna haters rejoice, you now have it without the cool antenna. Like I've said before, it looks too dumb to look at.

Keep complaining and you'll all get what you want. Another oh-so-slim Samsung.
Palm releasing another model with less features than competitors are offering at basically the same price isn't going to keep consumers interested. Bottom line is that the company is going to lose money if they believe they can attract consumers with out offering WIFI built in, 3G (UMTS support), push email, Bluetooth voice activated dialing and at least a 1.3 MP camera with L.E.D. flash. The next Treo smartphone better be smart instead of again lacking features that require third party software purchases otherwise I'm looking elsewhere.

As for externel antenna it's never bothered me. Though I believe with current technology on GSM networks there's no reason why the antenna can't be internal.