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    Well, Sprint ordered me a new 650 because my volume button was starting to stick. I'm not sure if it'll be refurbished or new until tomorrow.

    Here's the thing, should I try to upgrade to a 700p or stick with the 650 and wait to see if anything better comes out. I got my 650 in January and signed up with Sprint last September.
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    On a side note, that's all Opera let's me put in a post...
    I emailed ecare and they said the most they can do is $75 off the price with a 2 year contract.

    The only benefit I think I'd get is more memory, since EVDO isn't in my area yet.
    Also, Palm Ultralight Headset review soon...
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    ahh, no answer yet. I'm off to the shower, then Sprint store. I still can't decide what I want to do. Probably just stick with the 650, it's been great for me so far. Ahh, but new stuff is always nice. Drat!
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    Treo 700p/650 differences

    check it out, this should help

    The only TREO VIDEO CAST on the internet!!!
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    I know the differences, but, wondering if I should try to upgrade now, or wait a while, until "firmware b" comes out, or maybe a totally different model. Just wanted others opinion in a situation like this. So far, sounds like many are going for the 700p when given the chance.
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    Unless you having memory issues or need EVDO, I can't think of a reason to upgrade.
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    Well, nevermind. I drove all the way there (30 miles) and they didn't even have it. Lady was really rude too. I called Customer Service to report it, not sure how good that does. I even tried calling back to talk to tech support, since the lady I was with said she couldn't find it in the store, and to come back and talk to tech support in an hour, when they got back from lunch. They wouldn't take my call. I may talk to the store manager also. That was the first bad customer service I've had with Sprint for the year I've been with them.

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