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    I got a call this morning and though connected, I heard nothing on my 700w's earpiece (on the phone). I was able to use the speaker phone, but the earpiece was shot on the unit. Curiously, the speakerphone worked, and I could call out and recieve calls. Screen tap sounds were shot too.

    I hard reset the device, checked all the sound settings, backed it up, etc, to no avail.

    I took my phone to Verizon, and they stated that as I was "outside the 30 days (whatever)", they could not replace it there, but to call their "data number." That number (888-303-something...) was a bust, and was directed to call customer service (800-922-0204). After the excruciating menus, I got a pleasant woman named Veronica on the line.

    She asked if it worked with a headset, and I use a wired one. Sure enough, pluggin it it it worked fine. She instructed me to pull it out and try the phone again. Worked perfect. Apparently there was some hardware hang up there that she stated Hard Resets won't fix. Just passing it on if anyone ever experiences the same, and I want to personally thank the rep that was nice, knowledgeable, and ultimately solved my issue very quickly.

    One not I will point out is immediately before this, I installed and deleted "Touch Notes" which is garbage in my opinion. Not sure if that was related, but FYI.
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    It really pains me that after three full years of headset jack failures in the Treo 650, palm still hasn't bothered to fix this problem... Are they serious about fixing ANY problem in their products?

    ..and, hey Chris, that is just the thin edge...

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