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    So as I got emasculated by an ex-wife with a new 700W and a friend with a new 700P all in the span of 6 hours, I'm itching to upgrade now.

    My question is, OVERALL, have there been any significant issues with the W or the P in regards to handling memory, glitches, etc. Is one's EVDO proving to be faster than anothers? Issues with Bluetooth Synching? Issues with Synching in general?

    Main uses would be:
    Phone (of course)
    IMAP Email (heavy use, wih default client)
    Video from SD card (converted Tivo recordings)
    MP3 Player
    AvantGo (although EVDO will make this less needed)

    Gonna start combing the 700P and 700W sections for answers but thought I'd through this highly general question out here too.
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    I've been a longtime Palm OS user and have a 700p. I'm also demoing a 700w at work.

    I find the phone to be equal between the two but initiating a call is a lot easier for me on the 700p.

    IMAP E-mail using Chatter is the best, so that's another point for the 700p.

    Browsing I give a slight edge to the 700w.

    Don't use much video so I can't really comment. I saw a review on PalmOSCentral of Tivo2Go on the PalmOS and it seemed pretty impressive.

    MP3 Player I like pTunes on the 700p, although I find the smaller audio adapter to be a pain so I just use an iPod for most of my listening.

    AvantGo (I use QuickNews) is a breeze to update via EVDO. I haven't used any Windows OS RSS readers.

    For me, the main thing was that I'm heavily invested in PalmOS software and getting similar Windows programs would be cost prohibitive. I also enjoy the simplicity and control I have over the PalmOS platform.

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