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    Quote Originally Posted by vikingjunior
    It's not so much looking cool as it's not having to lug a heavy bulky device. A treo in the pocket is not comfortable at all unless you wear those really baggy jeans.
    To each his own, I guess. I've been carrying my Treo in my pants pocket (front) since I got a 600. Never felt uncomfortable to me whether I'm wearing loose jeans, snug jeans, dress slacks, khakis, shorts, whatever.

    And I not supremely loyal to Palm. The day someone makes something that does everything my Treo does (or more), as EASILY as my Treo does, in a better form factor, I'll be happy to buy it. To date, no one has.
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    I think I'm ready to jump ship too. The 700 is huge, compared to say the Q. That and the fact that it's not available in GSM. What's the deal with that? My contract is up with CIngular I'm dieing to get a new phone to replace my 650 and the GSM 700 is no where in sight.

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