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    WOW!!!! Decisions!!!!!

    I am a Treo 600 user/owner. My TMobile contract expires in 2 weeks. I have until then to decide. I am upgrading, but to what??

    I have been reading ALOT about the 700P and was very impressed, until recently. Now, current users are coming out and listing the "undesireables" about the 700P. Problems with P. tunes, lines on the screen, can't use outside and, oh yeah, the BATTERY!!

    The 700W has potential update issues.

    The 650 seems to be the most reliable, because it has been out for so long, probably.

    I am switching but would like some feedback. Serivce providers are no matter. I would prefer Sprint though but open to others. I like the 700 because of the better camera, screen resolution, internal memory and hold up to 4 gb. SD Card.

    I have been doing my research but now yield to the forum, the experts. Feedback, pros and cons would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for your Support.......
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    Get the 650. It's really inexpensive, and great for what you need it for. I played with a friends 700p and, even though I was impressed, didn't feel like it was something I would pay a premium for. I think the only differences are EVDO (wasn't even that fast, although, we may not have been in an EVDO area, but I think we were) and Docs2Go and pTunes. D2G comes with the 650, and as for pTunes, well, you get Real Player.

    I think you should really decide if you want a Windows or Palm based device. I read somewhere that Sprint should be coming out with a 700w soon, so maybe wait on that. I'm kind of thinking of moving to a Windows one, just so I can go back to just using Outlook again. I really haven't read any reason why I should stay with Palm instead of going to Windows, but I haven't researched it.
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    Get the 700p with the SERO plan. The EVDO is much faster and you will be happy you decided to pay the extra money for the 700. Just make sure you get the SERO plan.
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    I have done some reading about the SERO plan. Not easy to get and it is NOT for a family plan, which i need. However, I can get a single plan with SERO and then add a line???
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    As far as the $.. Not an issue. I am looking more BANG for the buck BUT not over pay on something. How does the W (windows) differ from the P (palm). They do update differently. What about navigateability and usage??
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    Why the SERO plan?

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