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    Well someone had to do it...

    Seriously, I belive Palm will come out with a 750 running Palm OS since there clearly is demand for it (just look ar the comments in this forum - I mean, who wants a crappier screen on your next new device??). There is simply no reason not to release one.

    My guess is it will come out later than the 750W but that they will differentiate it by adding another feature: such as GPS.

    Palm and others know that on average people change their cellphones every 18 months to two years, and that in the case of a smartphone, people have invested in additional software, so are more likely to change to a Palm device (and earlier) if its a simple, worthwhile upgrade.
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    The supposed differentiation for the next GSM POS Treo is supposed to be price, which makes sense in that a) they are facing price competition and b) it would allow them to sell into poorer larger 3rd world markets and still make a profit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by surur
    ...and b) it would allow them to sell into poorer larger 3rd world markets and still make a profit.
    You think that Palm would first consider the much larger (at least for any plausible smart phone) market in first world countries that use GSM before trying to adopt a strategy that will inevitable end up causing it to price-compete with itself. But what do I know? If Palm can convince people to pay good money to switch from higher resolution and more user friendly 650's to 700W's they must know more than me.
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    I am betting on a more limited function / less expensive GSM device before year's end and then a GSM device with higher proce and more functionality in early 2007.
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    I am no longer willing to wait for PalmOS. I like PalmOS and I prefer it to Windows, although in fairness, I haven't used WM enough to get used to it, I only know that it definitely is not as user-friendly as PalmOS to start with. But my preference is not strong enough to sit around waiting for releases from a company that is unreliable and doesn't give its customers any real timelines of what to expect. So as soon as I see a phone with all the features I want (and the Lennon/Hollywood/Vodaphone Treo looks to be it) I'm going to buy it regardless of whether it is WM or PalmOS. If there is a choice, I would take PalmOS, although I WON'T accept reduced functionality. If, as everyone is saying, the "Nitro" Treo is still Garnet-based, and if Garnet cannot handle true multitasking (simulataneous voice and 3G data), I can't accept that. I'll get the WM Lennon, and maybe switch back to PalmOS a few years down the road if they have come out with a next-generation platform that supports the same functionality as WM.

    I mean seriously, PalmOs is a good operating system, but I think some have just gone overboard with their attachment to it. I'd rather have a better device with more functionality and WM, than an inferior device with less functionality and PalmOS. And I'd prefer EITHER to sitting around waiting to see what Palm is going to do. The pics of the Lennon leaked just in time, because my 600 is getting long in the tooth, and I was about to jump ship and get something else.
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    yeah, well said. one more thing, why does everyone seem to assume that old treo users are the only ones who will buy the new treos?
    The new treo should sleek, full of features and up to date to attract potential new buyers.
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    I am going to try to get all the use out of my 700p and put it into the earth before I start looking ahead again. So far the 700 got all I need, but if there is something I need that is new that the 700 doesn't deliver or the phone is just beat up with use after time...which ever comes first will define my next device...I have a life.
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    With an almost Zen like minimalism of both software and hardware complexity, tye Palm Pilot was no more than users needed - and exactly what many wanted.
    eWeeks explanation for placing the Palm Pilot as No. 15 in the "Top 25 Computing Products of Last 25 Years"

    That's why I use a Palm Treo....and why my next Treo will be Palm Linux based. I don't want all that "bundled stuff"

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