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    In the 10-k year end report, Palm emphatically stated on ongoing committment to the platform.
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    Just to reconfirm.

    As Jack said (with the link to 1src), Palm's license to the PalmOS does not expire until December of 2009. I believe they renewed it at the May 2005 PalmSource Developer Conference.

    What I believe the controversy is about is that Palm was supply PalmSource/Access with some $$ help, and since PalmSource (as I will continue to refer to PalmSource/Access), did not meet certain milestones, so Palm will be halting help to PalmSource.

    I am pretty sure that these are the facts. Of course, I am not the official word (well duh), but I don't want people running around like headless chickens yelling "PalmOS is dying!!!" (wait, is that even possible??).

    I have faith in the PalmOS, and I (somewhat) hope that Palm will pick it up and properly improve it and hopefully make it into the OS that PalmOS was in the pre-palmOne days (you know, with the blue Palm disk logo).

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