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    I have been experimenting with making cheap voip-type international calls from my treo. I've tried MINO and a calling card from

    MINO works ok, but I could use better call quality. The calling card I found on is useful because it has a webcall funcion: it allows you to place a call from a website specifying the from- and to- numbers. The problem is, their website does not work in Blazer.

    Any suggestions for other webcall services that can potentially be used out of Blazer so that you can place a call wherever you are with your Treo?...
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    I use

    I got a card/pin from them. Log on the account and put my number as pinless number and setup up to 10 speed dial number. So when I call the hotline, I only need to press 1#, 3# etc to reach a pre set long distant number.

    I just check I can manage my account with blazer too. They allow up to 3 pinless number.

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