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    Referring just to it's preformance as a cell phone...

    I have a 650 - have had it since November. As a PDA, I Love it - as a Phone, I hate it...

    Very soon, I will be getting rid of it to go to something new - if the 700 series does the phone duty any better, that's great - I'd love to go that way - but if not, I'm not going back to Treo.

    Mine drops calls, misses calls, has poor audio quality (coming and going) etc - it's on Cingular - don't know if that is the problem or if the Treo is the problem, but I've almost thrown it out the car window more times than I care to count.
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    I have not had those problem with either phone, but I have sprint. If I go to the country to visit grandma though no signal.
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    not sure if the 700p or 700w with cingular is going to help you out with those issues- there a post somewhere that tells about sim card incompatability with the cingular treo650. Just make sure you get the 32k sim card for your cingular and you should be good with the 650/700

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    Quote Originally Posted by jwarn3rd
    not sure if the 700p or 700w with cingular ...

    Do you know something I don't?

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    Err.. what does that have to do with a 700 on a GSM network? I'm aware of the problems people have had with the 650...

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    Louder. Otherwise about the same.
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    There are no GSM 700s so movimg to a different network, not necessarly a new phone woulld be the better thing after callimg Cimgular and letting them know what is going onas there might be an upgrade happening that is messing with your service.
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    I have the 650 and as a phone it is very good. The sound quality is poor and is a known issue, but with volumecare that is not a big problem. I get great reception. Have Sprint. Had the 600 and the 650 reception is much better. Can't speak to the 700. My guess is cingular is the problem not the treo
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    Another thing, try doing doing a search on the site about finding the strongest signal. One of the ## codes locks you in to the strongest tower. I used it on the 600 and early on with the 650 before realizing I did not need it.
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    I have a 650 that is also on Cingular. I have not had any issues with the phone at all. Yes, the audio is a little low but after time you learn to deal with it. I sold my 650 to a guy I work with and went to the Cingular 8125, I hated it. I made a trade with the person I sold it to and got my Treo back and he is happy with the 8125. It has been a strong stable phone for me.
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