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    I just received an email from Palm's Pays Back Program. They're running a promotion to have people sign up the program or to update their existing profile in the program for those who already signed up. I usually don't have the luck to win anything anywhere so I'm posting the promo here. Good luck!

    Here's an exerpt of the email that I received:

    Dear [removed],

    July is high summer but Palm is just getting warmed up.

    It's Palm's 10th Anniversary, and to celebrate we are giving away thousands of dollars worth of smartphones including one sleek Black Tie Edition Treo™ 650 smartphone. This limited edition smartphone from Palm is a GSM unlocked version that has a distinct, sophisticated look and comes equipped with a Palm® hard case, stylus pen and other great accessories to get you started. Register now for your chance to win this or one of several other prizes including a Treo 700p,
    Treo 700w, or a standard Treo 650.*

    Below is a snapshot of your Palm Pays Back account. Now is a great time to redeem your Palm Bucks for merchandise or to earn more Palm Bucks by referring your friends.

    * Current Balance: [removed]
    * Pending Balance: [removed]
    * Next Award Level: [removed]
    * Lifetime Palm Bucks Earned: [removed]

    Log-in here to view your account information, refer a friend, and credit devices.

    Happy Shopping,
    The Palm Pays Back Team

    *NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Ends: 9/30/06. To play, and for Official Rules, visit:

    This is the link
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    Same here....maybe I'll get lucky
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    I applied too. If I win the Black Tie Treo 650, I'll end up selling it, cause I don't have Cingular!
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    Cool, thanks

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