Like a lot of you, I have the gene that requires I be able to poke and prod mechanical and electronic equipment and as you'll soon see for me, it's uncontrollable.

I bought the stem to stern insurance program from Verizon which precludes any poking and prodding inside my shiny new 650 upon pain of voiding this 5.99 bargain and I just couldn't stand it. I found a vendor of "parts" 650s that come with nothing but a broken screen and no guarantees.

I had it in the back of my mind if it was just a broken screen maybe I could fix it and satisfy my urge to poke and prod at the same time. So I ordered one.

(apparently, you can't post pics anymore but these links work)

When it arrived, I put a battery in it and bingo, it booted but the screen just flashed at the appropriate time during the boot process...Hmmm, was it worth 50 bucks for an eBay replacement screen? Why not.

I watched the disassembly movie on YouTube and here we go. It is quite simple to to take it apart and remove the old screen and put it back together.
Here's some "innards" shots, sorry about the quality put the light is poor this time of night.

After reassembly here's the finished product, such as it is. The case is rough and cracked where the guy sat on the screen and broke it. If the new screen fixed it, my plan was to repaint it with Krylon Fusion plastic paint and just keep it for a spare but once I got it booted's actually a Sprint phone

I will contact the seller tomorrow and arrange a trade for a Verizon motherboard (functioning!) Everything works on this phone it's just the wrong carrier!

After I get it sorted out and painted (black? metallic grey?) I'll post some more pic links.