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    Hi. I currently own a treo 90, and I'm possibly looking to purchase a 650. (I can't spring for the 700p ... I'm not eligible for the promo price). My cell service is with Verizon (I don't wish to switch). All I'd like to do is check/answer my email (AOL), see some sports scores, and maybe check movie times.

    Can I do this on the 650 without the costly Verizon data plans?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks -

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    I do not think Verizon will activate a 650 without some sort of a data plan, at least the pay-as-you-go plan. That can cost you oodles of money and bankrupt you. E-mail requires some data usage, and it can add up quickly if you are not very, very, extreamely careful. If you can't afford the $45 per month verizon unlimited data plan (that by the way does not include SMS), you may have better luck with a much cheaper Sprint Plan. (But you said that you don't want to switch).

    Some have used the pay-as-you-go plan successfully without going in the poorhouse, by restricting their e-mail usage and setting up tricks to not let the phone connect to the internet on it's own. Others have had the phone connect when they did not expect it, or have not made sure it disconnected, and have regreted it when they got their bills.

    There are lots of threads about this here on TC, as well as on other websites like...
    or many others.

    Just be careful so as to not get an unhappy surprise in your bill.

    The true advantage of a treo is not just having a PDA and phone in one, but also getting e-mail, the web, weather, traffic, directory and map info, streaming audio, etc thru the internet connectivity. It may work well for you having little or none of that, but then you are really only using a small fraction of the treo's capabilities.
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    I have the VZ $24.99 data usage plan (10mg I believe - don't quote me on any of this but it's about right I think) ... not the unlimited. I also have the $5 a month pict/text message plan. I find this data usage amt is fine for my needs - I use Versamail to check my gmail every few days (not automatically - I'm always by my PC at work - just can't access gmail, so if I see something in my inbox thru my front page, I can access it) and occasionally go online for whatever reason (checking yahoo mail perhaps) .. I always make sure I disconnect after my usage so not to get extra mb's used - I've never ever come close to even 1/2 the allotted amt/month ... it's more than the old plan I had with my old regular phone - but I love it.
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    Thanks for the responses! It sounds like I will have to go for at least the 10MB plan. It's difficult to know how much data will be spent on emails, but I guess I'll find out.

    Thanks again!

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