1. Mobile Linux Keynote: “Creating ‘Must-Have’ Mobile Experiences With Linux”
Greg Besio, Corporate Vice President, Motorola offers a vision for how Linux developers can participate in, and continue driving, next-generation mobile offerings.

2. PalmSource Developer Day:

"Introduction to ACCESS Linux Platform (ALP)." This is a hands-on session that will describe the ACCESS Linux Platform (ALP) and details its open source architecture. PalmSource will also demonstrate ALP and transform a typical Hello World application into an ALP application ready for mobile device deployment. Attendees will run sample applications as well as have the opportunity to build one together as a group.

"Deep Dive into ACCESS Linux Platform (ALP)." In this session PalmSource and attendees will take the ALP application from the Hands-On intro and add GUI controls with Glade, introduce special mobile device event handlers and show debugging an ALP application via Eclipse on the Simulator.

Compatibility Station. A unique and special experience for attendees, PalmSource will invite Palm OS developers to try their existing applications on ALP and discuss compatibility strategies with onsite PalmSource engineers.

"Extending an ALP Application." In this final session PalmSource will add more features to the application from the Deep Dive Session, including accessing a SQLite database for information storage and retrieval. PalmSource will provide go-forward advice and guidance to help you plan and prepare your projects to support ALP.