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    I have recently switched from a verizon 6100 cell phone to the treo 700P. I have broadband access but think i would like to drop it to save some money.

    Using my old cell phone and a wire-usb cable i was able to get email and surf the web on my laptop without any broadband access charges. This was done with a cable kit and software supplied by the verizon store.

    Now that i have Treo I would like to find a way to drop the $45 per month broadband charge but still retain ability to use it as a laptop modem as a backup.

    Is this possible?

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    PDANet might be what you want to look at. Ben
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    Hmm...I'm not sure if I understand Verizon's data plans too well, but I believe that the $45 a month is just to access it on your phone, and then there's an additional $15 a month to use it as a modem. If you drop the $45 plan altogether, you'll get charged $.02/kb which will definately add up to hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars depending on your usage. I don't think you can really drop the $45 data plan. Unless you switch to Sprint, then it'll cost you $15 a month for data access, and you can use PDANet to use your Treo as a modem without modem charges.
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    nevermind. misunderstood ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bclinger
    PDANet might be what you want to look at. Ben
    i agree pdanet for 3 yrs, t600,t650
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    I have a 700P that I am paying that extra $15 at Verizon. Can I use PDANet and not have to pay that extra for what they call "broadband"?
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    I would assume yes, but if you get caught, you're in trouble. It's a violation of most carriers TOS to use a phone as a modem without paying some kind of monthly fee.

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    Do you guys find PDANet stable? Can you run mutiple browser windows at the same time without it disconnecting?
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    PDANet is awesome, saved my **** when I checked into a Hotel that had Internet problems the whole time I was there.
    Thank You,
    Chris Luce
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    PDANet works great with 700p and VZW
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    You guys run multiple web pages at the same time and browse like crazy, etc., without it disconnecting?

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