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    I have recently switched from a verizon 6100 cell phone to the treo 700P. I have broadband access but think i would like to drop it to save some money.

    On the cell phone I was able to get weather through an inexpensive "get it now" program. Is it possible to access any of these services with the TREO without the broadband access charges?

    Also, is there a way to get AIM on Treo without broadband???

    Thank you

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    AIM can probably be done with SMS, I think Verichat will work for that.

    As far as the weather, there are progrably programs that will synchronize the weather from your desktop, but I'm not sure. I know my friend has something similar on his T-Mobile MDA, but I'm not sure if such a thing exists for PalmOS.
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    You can text message for weather and sports info. T Mobile has that. I won't be surprised google offer that service too.
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    I would load Avantgo, which is free and sync it daily - atleast. The problem with dropping your data plan is that the per megabyte rate if/when you inevitably use data is exhorbinant. Also, Verichat works on data, not SMS so if you did load that program - or one like it - and you inadvertantly use data you could EASILY rack up a couple hundred dollars in a month. I could easily see someone doing that - loading a third party app that uses data, like Flightview that they THINK is getting its data via something like SMS, or only using a very SMALL amount of data, when in reality it pushes around fairly big image files and could cost you a bundle if you are dating a flight attendant. Just be very careful - having a Treo without a dataplan is like driving a Ferrari without using a radar detector.
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    i'd say having a 700 witbout a dataplan is like having a Ferarri and never driving over the speed limit.
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    I took it that the OP wnated to drop say from PowerVision to Vision. Will they even let you drop to non EVDO if your phone is equipped with it.

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