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    is there a way to move a bunch of AAC files that i hace onto my SD card via the palm device so i can transfer to another computer?

    I have AAC files on my work computer and do not have a card reader to plug in SD card to drag AAC files to

    If i open quick install and drag the AAC files in the SD Slot part i get a yellow ! stating that there is no application to support these types of files

    is there a way to set palm as a drive and navigate to the SD card on the PC that way and drag and drop the files...?

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    I'm not real sure I understand what you want to do but Card Export II might help.
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    i have aac files on my work computer and i am looking for a way to transport all of them to my home PC

    there are too many to email so i wanted to transfer all of them to my SD card which is in my treo then when i get home i can just take card and plug into card reader and drag files onto that pc

    at work i dont have a card reader , so i was looking to use the treo to get items onto the sd card
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    looks like card export should work , making my treo look like a drive
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    it seems like you're transferring the AAC files in the root directory of the expansion card.
    wereas the palm device is looking music files in a specified folder


    try dragging those files in the AUDIO folder...
    hope that helped...
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