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    The reason is it lacks one more camera for videocommunication. In Europe, at this time, it would be a nonsense to release a 3G phone not capable of Videoconferencing.

    When Nokia did this a couple of years ago they loose market share in favor of Samsung and LG that released handset with a second camera for videoconferencing.

    Nokia indeed decided to release (for some models) a camera plugin / base to enable videoconferencing.

    Ettore Mazza

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    The HTC Breeze released by Orange and T-Mobile in Europe will not have a video calling camera. The varient sold by Dopod in Taiwan will have, indicating a carrier preference for no video calling in these smartphones (which no-one uses in any case).

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    The newly released Nokia E61 is 3G in Europe and it doesn't have any cameras at all.
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