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  • Treo 600.

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  • Treo 650.

    21 84.00%
  • Treo 700w.

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  • Don't get another Treo.(Blackberry/flip phone0

    1 4.00%
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    So I've been using my T600 for awhile now. And I've been wondering if I should buy a new T600, a T650, or go for what I really want, a T700w. I live in Canada and it isn't out yet. Or it might be and I just havn't noticed. If it's not does anyone have any idea of when it will be out?

    Edit: I am also 14, and have a 14 year olds job. $8 - $9 an hour. and I'm unemployed right now as I'm movig.
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    given the fact that the 700W runs on a different OS you'll probably need to invest in some software too adding to the cost.

    So I'd say get the 650 since it has a way better screen than the 600 and keep using your existing programs..
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    Thanks tool, any other input?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Killer Jordo
    Thanks tool, any other input?
    Sorry, no disrepect, but I couldn't help but to laugh (a lot).

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    Quote Originally Posted by FrozenCode
    Sorry, no disrepect, but I couldn't help but to laugh (a lot).
    hee hee haa HAA OH MY .......

    I wonder if he got that?
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    i don't get the laughing part, but ToolKit's damn right about the paradigm shift you're about to take if you'd switch to t700w. its a whole new world.

    anyway, i'm quite curious about

    I really want, a T700w
    what is it in a win os treo that caught your eye if you don't mind...
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    I don't think the "tool" joke was intentional at all, but that is what makes it funny to me
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    oh ok... sorry for being so slow on that... hehehehe...
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    If you are making 8 - 9 dollars an hour, will you be springing for unlimited internet?

    Do you have PALM applications you have purchased and would like to keep using?

    Do you have a wireless carrier that you can pay a monthly fee to and they will insure a phone purchased from a "3rd party" ie Ebay?
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    You can pick up a Treo 600 for ~80$ USD on ebay. I think that's a great deal (it won't be new though). Good luck!

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    With your income level I would suggest a 650.

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