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    Just read story on Skype on Engadget Skype's been cracked? and now I am thinking if, and it is a big IF, that source code is been cracked, there is a way for Palm experts here on forum or others in wild can get source code and make a solution of Skype for current Palm OS. Is it possible?
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    If I understood the article correctly, it said that the protocol was cracked, not the actual client. All that means is someone figured out how Skype is supposed to work and wrote their own client based on that protocol. If the source code is released for that client or documentation is written up on the Skype protocol, then it would be possible to write a Skype client for the Treo. But it doesn't look like they say if the source was released or if there was any documentation on the protocol. I guess we will have to wait until the first public release and hope they distribute the source.

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    Skpye will only make a client for PalmOS if somebody else makes a different VOIP software on it and becomes popular.

    And there is none.
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    Palm OS=never

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