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  1.    #1 I've been playing around with various IMAP email hosts (such as,,,, and the demo of ChatterMail. I've discovered that I love its support for IMAP Idle, and truly push email. I've been going back and forth through the different providers trying to find the most economical solution, when it hit me that the webhost that I use for my personal website ( includes IMAP with its regular packages. Obviously, since I'm already paying for their service, the most logical and economical solution to have an IMAP account with decent storage (I set my email quota to 2GB) would be to just stick with my web hosting service (as it already has my dot-com and everything set up).

    But it doesn't support the IDLE command!!! So no push email for me =(

    I've been looking through other hosting providers, most of which only offer POP or Webmail service tacked on. But the few that mention IMAP (such as don't clarify if their IMAP servers support Idle. Can anyone recommend such a thing? I'm willing to switch to another web-hosting company (provided that they aren't more than about $10/month) if their package included IMAP email that support idle...
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    Well I can't do anything about the hosting besides pointing to your server's address (statically). But I have my own mail server which supports IMAP IDLE. I haven't tested it yet, but I don't see why it wouldn't work. When you sign up for an account, IMAP isn't enabled, but send me a PM after you sign up and I'll set it up for you.

    I'm sorry, I was mistaken, my server does not support the IMAP IDLE, but I'm willing to set up an account for anyone who wants one anyway, it's better than paying a monthly fee like EmailTreo... Eventually, I'll try to support IMAP IDLE.
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    I think my web-host does this.
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    1and1 does support IDLE and has been used by the creator of Chatter, but he has had issues with them. Check out this post:
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    I have been using Chatter for the past 40 days (IMAP IDLE) and my web host for the past 3 months. They've been an excellent combination. My webhost is media temple.
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    I switched to dreamhost from webhost4life after dreamhost agreed to implement IMAP Idle. With that type of response and their 7th anniversary special last year, I decided to switch. I renewed my service this month. The next time I switch hosts will be to one with Exchange hosting that will work with Chatteremail's OTA PIM sync when implemented.
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    I had no troubles with Fastmail and Chatter. I have since switched to a WM5 device and a hosted exchange solution, but when I did use a treo w/chatter, Fastmail worked great. I had no problems and it supports IMAP IDLE. Price wasn't bad either ($20/year at the time).

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