If GPS is the next big thing....I'm gonna bet many current Treo users are gonna say "I don't want that !"


It seems that the next frontier in the mobile handset segment is the implementation of GPS functionality, according to a recent report by ABI Research. Looking into the commercial telematics market, they're saying that fleet managers can better "organize their field workers and make their operations more efficient" by knowing exactly where everyone is at any given time.
Probably shortly thereafter they'll be an app that sends your usage history back to the main office:

Summary - Monday 07-07-06:

Phone Calls to Known Clients - 12 minutes
Phone Calls to Personal Numbers - 79 minutes
Data Usage By We Site as follows:

Left Home at 9:45 am
Arrived at scheduled 10:00 Meeting Site 10:30 am (30 minutes late)
Left Client Offices (11:15)
Joe's Bar and Grille (11:45 - 2:50 coincides with Yankee's game)
Harry's House of Gay Porn (3:10 - 3:30)
Arrived at Home Office (4:35)
Left Office 5:15 (Time Sheet program says 7:30 pm)