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    So this is a question for someone more learned in music than I am

    That Loud Aria ringtone that comes with the Treos, is it from an opera by Mozart?? If yes, which one? Any help is appreciated!! My parents have a ton of classical music CDs, and I'd like to not have to go through each one

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    Yeah, an opera and the song is sung when the fat lady dies. It is the so-called 'Die Aria.'

    Sorry. Couldn't resist. Apologies to Victor Borge, from whom I stole the joke.
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    do you remember from which opera?

    thanks for the reply, btw!
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    I think that flew over his head
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    I think the opera was Pept Abismal...

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    I think it is the Aria of the Queen of the Night from the Magic Flute by Mozart.
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    DocGo is correct.

    I use Loud Aria as my "missed alert" with Butler. Every so often folks in the office will start to hum or whistle the tune. It drives me mad when they do that!

    My Favorite ringtone.
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