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    1st post here guys -

    I just bought a Treo 650 and I have been trying to set up my email, but I am not the greatest with computers so I need some help.

    Heres what I am looking for - I need a SIMPLE email program to run on my Treo. All I have been doing is using Blazer and typing in the web address of my school email account.

    I would be so appreciative if you could provide some suggestions as to:

    a) Are there multiple ways/formats to receive email on the Treo (outside of just web browsing?) If so, which is the best?

    b) Whats a reccomended email program to run on my treo (doesn't it come with a free one?)

    c) I'm going to begin using a new email provider, since i'll be deleting my .edu account. Is there a "best" one for Treo. (hotmail, yahoo, gmail)
    (If it will work, I'd prefer Gmail )

    The real question here is - is you could start from scratch to do email on your Treo, how would you do it?

    irrelevant details - I have a G4 ibook, I subscibe to Verizon

    Thanks so much,

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    After buying a couple apps (Beyond Contacts, SnapperMail) I have come to appreciate the simplicity of the Palm VersaMail interface. I like VersaMail; the free application that comes with our Treos.
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    For simplicity, VersaMail is your best bet. Later on, when you become more acquainted with the device you may want to move to a more versatile application like SnapperMail. As for an E-Mail account, I'm not looking for free advertisement or anything, but my mail server is incredibly easy to setup on Treo and offers 4GB of space. There are virtually no limitations on the account and has many anti-spam utilities such as a challenge response and black and white lists. It also supports secure E-Mail download if that's what you want. The procedure to setup the client on the Treo is in the FAQ on my site.

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    I like It's got a very simple and clean interface.
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    Gosh, it is amazing how many people are pushing ChatterEmail....I do also. Ben
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    Quote Originally Posted by bclinger
    Gosh, it is amazing how many people are pushing ChatterEmail....I do also. Ben
    One thing I really like about Chatter is Marc's development style. He believes in release early and release often, with a very active public beta program.

    I believe this leads to faster development cycles and a better product.

    (What he's done with Chatter has actually inspired me to want to become a Treo developer).

    At this point I've got a long way to go, as I've only bought the books and a compiler. I have alot of learning still to do.

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