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    in a little over a month i will be due for a upgrade on my verizon phone, i currently have a Treo 700w, i really want to buy another phone, not because i dont like my treo now i jus am the kind of person that gets bored easily, so im torn should i get the 700p or the Q maybe or with all the talk of new treos u think there will be a new one out on verizon i think its very unlikly but who knos with palm and verizon, so any thoughts? whatever i get will share talk time with my 700w so im ditchin that compltly well any help will be good!
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    A month isn't a long time. It depends on your needs and wants. I've tried both the 700p and the Q and settled on the 700p for now, although I'd jump to a GSM/UTMS device as soon as there is one worth getting.
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