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    Check it out

    Hopefully the Hollywood pic will still be linked at the above link!!!

    Another blurry Treo "Hollywood" shot, plus specs?
    Posted Jul 12th 2006 4:59PM by Chris Ziegler
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    Palm's sieve-like reputation for keeping a lid on unreleased devices continues to the current round of Treos in the pipeline, and we're happy to feed the fire today with possible specs of the upcoming "Hollywood" accompanied by the obligatory hastily-snapped shot (blurred here to protect our valiant tipster). Though we still don't fully understand the relationship between this bad boy and Cingular's upcoming "Nitro" and "Lennon," it's said that we're looking at an antenna-less GSM Treo rocking Windows Mobile 5, 128MB of internal storage, and a 412MHz XScale core, all gussied up in a package "considerably lighter" than its 700w stablemate. If our source is accurate, all this goodness will drop sometime this September -- not a moment too soon for Treo fans on GSM carriers getting a little jealous of their CDMA brethren. Naturally, skepticism is in order here, but the engraving on the device lends some validity to the thought that it's a prototype, and this all lines up pretty nicely with Cingular's roadmap,...
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    This will probably be my next phone! Now I just have to wait until September - My birthday is September 29th (Hint, Hint!)

    I hope it has all the goodies: UMTS/HSDPA, Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP, upgraded camera & microphone, better reception, WiFi (not a have to have, but would be nice)
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    It's going to have everything we want.
    And asspollutely no issues, what-so-ever!
    Just call me Berd.
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    Any specs or speculation as to what will the differences be from WM to Palm
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    If this has WiFi boy watch out lol. I would buy this phone in a heart beat. I can't wait. But no WiFi this phone is probably a no go. But We'll see. The Main reason why is that data charges in Canada are way to crazy. we don't even have 3G yet so i'll be happy with EDGE. But i rely on WiFi more. So pleae Palm put WiFi into this [hone. I promise you will have a winner on your hands.
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    ^^ no doubt... stupid canadian data plans...

    if this one doesnt have wifi, im jumpin ship and going for a hp hw69xx
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    Hey guys, I am the anonymous tipster. It did not have a video camera on the front, i could not verify the memory allocation (different or same than 700w). But it did NOT have a higher res screen.
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    Just when the noise died down on the 700p hysteria we have this. Did you notice that the OT Forum hoo-hah happened after the 700p was released and people had a bit too much time on their hands?

    Can't we have a separate forum called "Leaks, Blurry Pix, and Rumors" and stick all of this over there?

    OTOH probably the best entertainment value I've had for a year happened when Merlyn_3d had his hands briefly on a 700p. That was a fun thread.

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