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    I've had bad luck with the T600, me and my wifes T650s and now the 700p power connectors!!!

    I have to double check the home charger before going to bed to make sure it didn't loose contact.

    It continuously looses its connection with the car charger. I bought a desk charger and a "110 to car charger converter" with an extra battery hoping that it would charge well since its not moving. But NO, you have to set the thing down just right and tiptoe away while HOLDING YOUR BREATH!j!11oN1E1O

    Everything about this device gets a friggen A+ but are all the connectors complete junk???
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    The connector on my 650 just snaps in. With the 600 it snapped in and 'locked' to the connector??
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    Mine snap in also but still lose contact while snapped together.
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    Quit using it to loosen the lug nuts on your car!
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    Nothing could get the rusty lug nuts off my rusty beater If I blow a tire I"ll have to junk it

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