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    Tim has a problem.

    Tim needs a Treo 650. Yeah, he has a second hand T600 coming off eBay, but that's nothing like a brand new 650. Tim is a T-Mobile man.

    piomegatau has a problem. He has an unwanted brand new Treo 650. GSM. He wants a CDMA Treo 650.

    notjpr has an idea. Let's buy Tim a Treo 650.

    notjpr is in for $15. Me too.

    So. piomegatau, want to play?

    Anyone else want to help?

    Tim needs a wedding present.
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    Bump. notjpr and I are in.

    Go here to help buy bigredgpk a wedding present.
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    Hi guys,
    Thanks for the effort, but looks like we are def short. But thanks for your gifts! I'm planing on using the $ for a new case, possably the Pacific Rim Open Hard Case for Treo 600.

    Thanks again! It's the best gift for my wedding so far!!

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